Cork Evolution

The finest expression of the cork.

The Cork Evolution collection. For winemakers who are always striving for more.

If the wine that leaves your cellar is an oenological jewel that expresses all of the qualities of your production process, then you cannot utilize just any cork; you deserve a cork of the same quality level as your wine, one that boasts the same perfection as the wine it must protect.
The Cork Evolution line was introduced to answer demand for a high-quality cork matching the high quality of the wine.
It is the successful outcome of a new programme of uninterrupted research and innovation that bears the name Colombin.

The 10 winning qualities of Cork Evolution perfection.

The cork is sourced exclusively from the finest growing areas in Sardinia and Portugal and it is subject to an even stricter selection process than Colombin's usual standards.

Further meticulous hand-sorting selection performed by qualified staff to refine the selection and eliminate any defects not found by the optical readers.

In line checks of the visual aspect before customization, by the laboratory staff. Every possible imperfection is discarded.

All corks are numbered with laser printing.

Double humidification/sterilization cycle with humidity between 5% and 6%: these values give the product maximum ductility and better elastic return; the corks are more elastic and sterile.

Further organoleptic check, gas chromatography and size check before shipping.

The quantity sampled, of 200 pieces, is very high compared to the norm. The percentage of tolerated defects is always below 0.5%.

The TCA analysis is performed using the HS-SPME method adopted by the International Organization for Standardization as the official method (ISO 20752) for determining the molecule in wine and corks.

Each batch is subject to further analysis by the Unione Italiana Vini and proven by a certificate that is included in the shipment or sent later.

Inside the special carton in which the corks are delivered, the corks are protected in a biodegradable bag that ensures complete absence of phthalates.