Analysis of interior profile of the bottle

This service ensures selection of the closure that will correctly match client requirements. Our laboratories analyse the neck opening and flare of the client’s bottle in order to find the optimal product match.

Cork application advice

You can find valuable advice on bottle corking procedures in our two technical manuals “Manual for the correct use of sparkling wine corks” and “Technical manual for correct use of cork stoppers”. Go to the download page to read more about it.

Personalised cork brand

Upon client request, a Colombin graphics artist will design a custom cork brand to personalise the corks, furnishing a range of possibilities from which to select.


Complete laboratory analyses

Upon client request, Colombin will perform a complete array of laboratory tests on the corks and if required, on the wine. Upon completion of the procedures, performed entirely in our R&D laboratories, the client will receive a detailed record of the analysis results.

Examination of storage conditions and utilisation

Upon client request, Colombin experts will visit the client’s premises to verify that the storage conditions are in conformity with requirements and that the corks are being utilised correctly.

Conformity to current regulations

The Colombin technical staff is able to answer all questions about the utilisation of cork in contact with foodstuffs, including those relating to the migration of regulated compounds into the wine (e.g., ochratoxin, pesticides, other mycotoxins, etc.).